Raise Your Voice By Richard Lawton

Raise Your Voice

Interview with Clare Bowditch on ABC afternoons

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What is your relationship with your voice?

Most people don't even realise that they have such a relationship until they are asked, which is why I wrote this book - to inspire and encourage people to use their voices to their full capacity.

When people discover the power of their own voice, it can have far-reaching effects on their life. Their mental and physical wellbeing improves. They feel an increased connection with others. People quit jobs that drain them, negotiate large raises and speak up for things they care about. And almost universally, people find that unlocking their voice awakens their creativity.

Many people feel they have fragmented, overloaded, discordant lives. One of the reasons for an upsurge of interest in choirs in the last two decades, is that in a (good) choir you can experience straightaway the re-integration of breath, body and spirit through voice and have a great time doing it.

My hope is that this book lights new pathways for all sorts of readers. May it speak to leaders in business and those effecting social change; indeed to anyone who need to be heard - from presenters, lawyers, teachers and therapists to people who spend a lot of time on the phone and those who want to sing more.

May the stories and lessons contained in Raise Your Voice help you to connect with the sound of your voice and in turn your authentic self.

Richard Lawton - extract from the foreword in Raise Your Voice

Praise for Richard Lawton and Raise Your Voice

I’ve witnessed Richard’s work greatly increase people’s confidence in their singing … He writes with authority and compassion, and offers the reader a vast array of approaches and tools that will help everyone who wants a fresh and exciting relationship with their authentic voice.’

Tony Backhouse -  one of Australasia’s leading composer, director and vocal arrangers

"People quit jobs that drain them, negotiate large raises and speak up for things they care about"




"... I've seen many people trapped in cages. The bars of these cages are the limitations people place on their voice, on their personal power and on the energy with which they express themselves..."